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Golden State Cannabis is the leader in California cannabis delivery. Since 2012, we have blossomed through our blend of three core values: offering high quality, clean, and affordable cannabis products, providing a top-notch customer experience, and unparalleled love of the cannabis community that has made this business possible.

GSC is dedicated to welcoming anyone who wishes to join our little canna family, in addition to providing safe access to premium, locally sourced, medical and adult-use cannabis to qualified patients in accordance with all Local and State laws.

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We aim to educate…

We aim to educate our members about cannabis use and treatments to supplement their recreation and medicine. We provide a high-quality product at below-market prices because of our close ties with licensed cultivation and distribution companies. Closely following industry standards and best practices, we have become a staple of California Cannabis collectives from Marin to Ventura.


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Our mission here at Golden State Cannabis is to be your buddy down the block you have been picking up from for years if your buddy decided to get a top-quality product that was laboratory tested, and they actually picked up the damn phone!

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